The First Step Is Always The Toughest

Fast Break NYC

That moment you’ve figured out exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life is supposed to be a great feeling, at least that’s what I thought.

It’s a little past 10pm, on a Monday night, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table staring at my laptop. My laptop, I admit, is pretty cool to look at but staring at it isn’t what I used money I didn’t have at the time, to get it for.

I find myself staring at the screen a lot lately, my thoughts doing the macarena dance around my head. If you’ve ever seen the music video for the Macarena dance, imagine your thoughts in full swing as the music plays. It’s not a pretty visual.

Life: A Change Gonna Come

It took me a long time to reach this moment. A little over a year ago I made the decision to start this blog. Let that sink in for a few seconds before I continue. It took an entire year to reach this moment where I’m typing my thoughts out again. I write a weekly column for an online sports site, NY Sports Day, but this, however, is different because it’s my own site.

What tends to happen, just before we take a step forward, is life finds a way to step in. The demands of a 9 to 5 combined with the daily reality which come with being a son, big brother, and – at the time – a boyfriend.

There were plenty of nights I’d stare at a blank screen, I’d think about the path I took which led back to blogging — and then I’d get up, frustrated, and go to bed.

My motivation, throughout all of the delays, was a desire to change and continue evolving. Sometimes that means going through an extended period of reflection before taking that first step.

It’s okay to take that time for reflection.

This Blog, This Site – This Platform

In 38 years of life, I’ve learned the journey is never what you originally envisioned. There will be setbacks along the way and what matters is your ability to take that punch life will throw at you.

I’ve taken a few punches, especially over the last 12 months. The realization I’m still here was the moment I walked back to my kitchen table, opened my laptop and began to write again. That moment is now.

This blog, this site – this platform …

It will be more than my perspective on today’s top headlines in sports. I’d like to think I have a little more to share than just on why the Knicks continue to torture their fans, myself included.

Even more so, for myself, I want to share.

I’ll share some of my experiences on here, some of my lessons learned, in the Anthony’s Corner section of this site. The wins, losses, and the tears which came with both.

If this site is viewed by 1 person or 1,000 – the primary goal is to help someone remember that no matter which lane you choose, it’s a process without shortcuts.

And as for that first step? It’s worth taking, even it’s from your kitchen table.